I installed novell client 2 sp1 in win7 32-bit computers and it's working fine. I installed it on a win7 64-bit computer and now it's slow and hangs when in the middle of something. It hangs even when i logoff, and i have to power off and come up in safe mood, restart and then boot normal. Is it that this client does not work with 64-bit computers?

Before i installed the client i had it working just fine with CIFS using settings in TID 3437586 (send LM and NTLM -use NTLM2 session security if negotiated). Not sure if i need to change this back to what it was.

Is there something i should do to the settings in the novell client properties.
I thought computer was hanging because symantec endopoint anti-virus, but it still happens when disabling the anti-virus. So it must be the novell client because it began happending after installing it.

I need the novell client working on this computer so i can upload 64-bit printer drivers to the broker database.

Please advice.