I have a couple hundred laptops that are being re-imaged, rename for new students, and registered after the image. They were currently in the system before I decided that instead of having to fix each object I would just delete them out and have them register fresh after the image. I ran into a snag this year (past years have been successful) that when I register the computer I will get some of the workstations that will pick the last registered workstation name and use it as the alias name. I have to go in and rename the object to get that corrected. Problem on top of that is I can have three or four systems that do this with the same object. Renaming just moves the issue to another object name without resolving the issue.

I created the image with using zenworks on the original image master to install updates and configure the general image. I then uninstalled the agent (and novell client) making sure I did a zac unr -f and a zac fsg -d before rebooting to create the master image. Everything works all the way up to the point of setting up the computer after the ZCM agent has finished renaming the laptop. I log in and it is registered (with that registration broken). I have to unregister again and then register fresh before I get the system to register correctly (sometimes I get the aboved mentioned issue).

This process worked great for new computers that have never been in the system before (used the exact same method). Everything functions like it is suppose to with no need to register unregister or fix object names.

Does ZCM hold in the database the GUID info that might be causing issues or did I miss a step when I removed the agent before making the master image?