in the process of testing Windows 7 we've come across the following

On a fresh Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit install, we have the Novell
Client 2sp1ir1 and ZCM10sp3. It will log in perfectly.
We then install Sophos AntiVirus and reboot.
If we try to log in as soon as the Novell Login Prompt appears then we
will see
- Waiting for Network to Initialize
- Logging in to network
then immediately after that
- Error code 0x800789FC
and we get a message "The tree or server cannot be found. Choose a
different tree or server. Would you still like to try to log in to

If we wait 10 - 15 seconds after the login prompt appears we can log in
without any issue. If we disable the Sophos AV service, we don't have
the issue. Entering the IP Address for the tree and server doesn't
change what is happening.

This is reproducable on multiple machines and is very definitely a
combination of Sophos and the Novell Client. We have tried both ir1
and ir2.

With the XP client you can set the depend on service so the login
prompt wouldn't appear before the IP stack was up, however I can't
really see a way to do that with the Windows 7 client - the closest
service I can see is that for ncp...

Any suggestions - I've logged the issue with both Novell and Sophos but
have a sneaking suspicion that I'll get a lot of finger pointing :-)