We are planning on moving GW 8.0.1 sp1 GWIA services from existing Win2k3 server (GW-Web) to a different server (GWIA-Web). We want to free up the existing server to use it for something else since it has 550GB storage and is only using 30GB or so. We want to do this with a minimum of disruption. The GW-Web server is part of a 3 server group that provides Groupwise services and all 3 servers have eDirectory, ConsoleOne, NWClient installed as well as the GW agents. This particular server (GW-Web) also handles WebAccess. What is the best approach? Remove the server from the tree, delete the Groupwise secondary domain & GWIA and WebAcc objects and then install new server w/eDirectory etc.? That might involve a fair amount of down time. We also may need to keep the same IP address for the replacement server. What about installing the new server, creating a new secondary domain and installing the agents under a different IP address and then bringing down the original server, removing it from the tree, etc. Afterwards, changing the IP address back to the original address? Any thoughts, suggestions? Thanks!