Whe are testing with ZAV8a, and are almost so far that our first application works. BUT, after whe have made Groupwise 8hp1, virtual through ZAV. And did all the steps mentioned in the Novell Zenworks Application Virtualization 8.0 Integration and Streaming Guide, it fails on the final step. The installation off the spoon plugin works fine, But when whe now go to launch.html, to start the application, it comes with the following error from the Spoon Sandbox Manager :
The application was unable to load the invalid or corrupt xlayer file:c:\documents and settings\korth1\local settings\application data\spoon\cache\$customer1642.org\groupwise\8-0-1-8138__0\xs\0\c3ec52c4-a47f-4691-b00d-d3e9f61aaf54\groupwise.svm. Please contact the publisher of this application for more information

Does anyone know where this issue comes from, or is there anyone with the same problem.??