Still using ZDM 7 for the moment.
I have an AO which:
- Workstation associated.
- Distributes some registry keys (Distribution Tab).
- Copies files locally (Distribution Tab).
- Runs the files that were copied (Run Tab, Secure System User).
- Deletes the files (Termination Launch Script).

There are problems!
First of all, we are now using Microsoft file server, and the workstations do not have rights to this area (and cannot currently get rights - addressing this in another thread).

The file copy fails if I do not enable the "force run as user if workstation associated", but this is expected since the WS doesn't have rights to copy the files from the share. However, if I enable the "force run as user", the file copy works but the registry keys fail since the user running the AO is a restricted user.

Also, if I tick the "run in WS security space", and click apply ... the selection is cleared - the check box never remains on.

If I associate by user, then everything works fine.
It's as if the entire distribution section runs as user if the "force run as user" is associated. I don't really want to associate by user - I would prefer WS as this only needs to be run once per WS.

Any advice on this?
I presume the distribution section should not behave in this way?
I have created new AOs to see if these problems persist and they do!

Please let me know if you need more info.