We are moving to ZCM, but we will be using Microsoft file servers. In particular, we are looking at hosting a DFS shared volume sitting on a redundant cluster. We used to have Novell servers when running with ZDM.

We are having issues getting a bundle to run as secure system user, or do any work as the system ... but only on certain microsoft file servers.

We have two servers, server1 and server2.
If I ask for a filecopy from server1, it works fine, but does not work at all on server2.
Both servers have a share called "apps".
I have associated the AD workstation object as having read rights on the shares on both servers.

It appears that the "system" workstation account can access the IPC share on server1 without a problem. From there it can see the appropriate shares and get access to them. However, on server2 it cannot access the IPC share at all. It therefore cannot see any shares that it does (or doesn't) have read rights to.

This is not a security permissions issue, as you cannot assign a user or workstation rights to the IPC (basic server). Does anyone have any clues as to what this could be? Access to both server1 and server2 is absoultely fine for regular AD user accounts. I just can't figure this out!

I appreciate that this is more a MS quesiton, but it comes from a Zenworks need so I thought I would post here. I'm aware that having a Zenworks content centre will circumvent this issue, but there are some issues for us going down that route.

As a test, we created a AO in ZDM 7.
This simply opened NOTEPAD as unsecure system user.
Once open, if I go FILE > OPEN, then enter server name \\server1, I can see the shares, browse them and open text files in notepad. If I enter \\server2 I get an access denied.

Any help would be appreciated.