I have one new issue with our Proxy design which i wasnt able to figure
out how to solve.

We have set up a BM Hierarchy (15+ branch offices locations connecting to
2 BM servers in the secure LAN) that also proxies the intranet traffic.
Now the reason is simple since we want to limit traffic over the WAN. This
worked quite while and is no problem of the configuration.

Only issue we have now is that since they migrated to .NET servers and
using a virtual IP for load balancing and stuff, we have one issue with
the config.

All our connections to the intranet happen from the NIC ip adresses of my
two BM servers in the secure LAN. The issues are:
1. Load balancing is done by ipaddress so sometimes we have 2 admin ips on
one server and the two BM adresses with 1000+ users on the second server.
Not much of load balancing :)

2. Analyzing the logfiles on the .net servers is useless, since we only
see the ip adresses of the BMs again.

Any idea how to get a workaround for this? Transparent proxy is one
solution (from what i understood about so far), but something i never
tried, never wanted and never considered to be a good option.

Thanks for any ideas,