ZCM 10.3 on Windows 2008
Active Directory environment
Windows XPsp3 workstations

I have not been able to get the ZCM DLU Policy to work in our environment. Nor have I been able to get Local Windows Group Policies to work (seem to be having success using Active Directory Policies that have been imported into ZCM though).

I'm finding that even when the Adaptive Agent on the workstation tells me that the DLU Policy had "success", it still is not working. This is an educational environment with many users using many machines. I need to have the Volatile User portion of DLU working and it is not. I really became suspicious when a user who is set to be a member of Administrators locally (using DLU) could not delete anything from C:. My feeling is that the users are authenticating through AD and that is what is creating their local profile (which is not removed on logout). There is nothing in the log files that relate to DLU. Am I missing a configuration somewhere? Has anyone had success with DLU in AD?

Thanks for your time.