Hello I have a couple general configuration questions. Linux newbee here.

When creating your CSR request, you are asked the Hostname of server. Is this the name you've given your SLES box or is this the name your going to add to your DNS server to point to the SLES box? Do they need to be the same name? I've only done this from NetWare side in the past.

With GMS3 we use BM and reverse proxy the GMS box. Since the Data Sync box is not using Apache or Tomcat; can you set up reverse proxy to it from BM? If not, what would be the best way to access it from the Internet?

Currently I am unable to hit the server from my workstation using Http://{ip address}:80 or Https://{ip address}:443, but can access the admin server on the box on port 8120.

Any pointers are greatly appreciate.