We had one user who had a rather large custom personal address book in the GroupWise 8.0.1 client. Each time she opened the GroupWise addressbook and chose this address book and began to scroll down through the entries it would cause a Microsoft Error Report window to pop up when she got to the 'R' entries. The GroupWise address book would crash and close. It consistent scrolling down from the As to the R's and crash, or scrolling down from the Zs and crash. We determined it was a corrupt address book entry. We were able to open a New Mail and scroll through the address book without error. It was in the New Mail using address book there that we were able to display details on address book entries, where we found an entry with a LARGE number of characters in the Department field. This apparently is a display issue. The caused is probably having a larger entry limit allowed on entry into the GroupWise database field, but is an issue when attempting to scroll though the entries in the GroupWise database. The user needed to be able to edit the department field to reduce the number of characters stored there. This was a really unusual entry into the Dept. field.