I've read lots of documentation, AppNotes and TIDs and seen pieces of what I think I need, but I haven't been able to put it all together. I'm not even sure which forum I should be in for this question. Here's my scenario:

I have 80 openSUSE computers and I need to have the users authenticate via LDAP to eDirectory. Their existing home directory (which resides on a NetWare server for the time being) needs to be automounted upon authentication. I don't want the user to be created on the local machine.

I have LUM installed and configured in eDir. NMAS is installed but not configured for simple passwords.

The same users also log in from Windows machines. Client32 is installed on the Windows boxes & that all works fine, but I'd like to move away from Client32 and eventually move the home directories to my SLES server but have them access the home directory through samba and LDAP. We have no AD in the environment and the samba server is not configured as a PDC.

What do I need to do on the server side, the Linux client side and the Windows side to get this working?