Apologies if I'm duplicating a thread, but I can't anything on this. I've enabled the THTTP proxy to tighten restriction on Internet usage, as some users know how to bypass the normal BM proxy (we have BM 3.9 on Netware 6.5) and we don't have Zenworks and/or domain implemented to lock down controls on individual desktops.

Enabling it does do as required, and stops people not part of a group in the access rules getting through onto webpages. However, we have a few standalone windows servers and desktops that require direct outside access to the Internet (e.g. some javascript interfaces that if they go through BM just wont work.)

I've added the static IP addresses to the exception list, but when I load a web browser on a PC (with default gateway set to BM server and no proxy settings in web browser) BM brings up the 403 "unauthorized access" page.

Note, that with THTTP turned off they can get straight through with no authorization etc... Should the exception list allow them to bypass the THTTP all together and access as if it was just a plain router, or is there something I don't understand about the exception list? (I have it set to monitor port 80 only.)

Many thanks,