Sorry for the dumb newbie question....

I have a new install of zcm 10.3 on sles. The database is on a new ms sql
2005 server. In fact the ms sql server is SO new that I screwed it up during
the initial build. But I didn't come to understand my screwup until later -
after I had installed zcm and created the ms sql database via the
installation routine - and I had to rebuild this ms sql box from the ground

So now I have a zcm install which no longer has a database to talk to. This
makes it very difficult to use. In fact you can't even login to the ZCC,
though it very helpfully tells you why ..."Hey dummy! I ain't got no
database, so **** off eh?"

Now for the dumb and probably obvious question:

How do I re-create the database? Well aside from the obvious "uninstall zcm,
re-install zcm". Of course if that is the one and only correct answer then
that is what I will do. But I am hoping that I can just execute some magic
"zman --create-db" command (I looked, there isn't one).

Oh I also tried "sh setup.sh -c" but it runs the installer in upgrade mode
and naturally tells me that I am already running the right version and that
there is nothing for it to do...

Thanks for your assistence.