It is even a problem trying to explain the problem.. but, i'll try.
We Run GW 703 for a long time with full DMS .
We wanted to move to GW8 for many reasons (Terminal Server 2008R2 , Novell stop support etc).
We Duplicated (virtually) our enviroment and started to test Witout connecting to the web , just the enviroment and Documents.
1. The first thing we saw that if you connect a 703 client to 8.01 server -
everything works fine (documents and all).
2. we installed 801 Client (xp workstation) and Immediately we saw there is a
problem when trying to close documents (Unable to reset status etc).
If we stopped integration the errors stopped (but we want integration...)
3. We read somwhere in Novell that this GW 802 (Beta) will solve this problem.
so we installed the GW 802 Beta and this problem did not go away.
4. We tryed clean install (cleanit) and the problem did not go away.
5. We tryed Different Office (2007) , Different OS (Windows 7) . But , the
problem did not go away.
Did anyone encounterd anything like it ? Please Help.