Hi There!

I installed the latest tech preview and I have to say I can't believe it's regressed. For a start I can't sync anything anymore, no contacts, no calendar, no tasks, nothing. It says it's syncing, counts up items, but then says it was complete with nothing to do, I had to revert to the older version.

I run Windows Mobile 6.5.x on an HD2. I don't see any errors in any of the logs, but now each time after a restart of the linux box I have this hosted on, the engine is showing as "dead" in status and I need to stop and restart all the services. Secondly, and this is a problem from the old original version, the connectors don't start automatically despite being set to start automatically.

I tired looking through the logs, but they aren't exactly readable, but regardless I couldn't see anything specific.

Where should I start looking for issues? I know the certificate is ok.