Hi all.

I just bough a new server with 6x36.4GB disks.
I was thinking of creating a mirror with 2 disks, for the SYS (12GB) and the
rest for logging.
With the remaining 4 disks create a cache volume for each, without any RAID.
SYS=12GB (mirror disked 1)
LOG=12 to 14.4 GB (mirrored disk 1)
Cache1=36.4 GB (disk 3)
Cache2=36.4 GB (disk 4)
Cache3=36.4 GB (disk 5)
Cache4=36.4 GB (disk 6)

I've read that the cache volume shouldn't be bigger than 10 GB.
I've read that the BorderManager shouldn't have more than 4 cache volumes.
Now if those informations are true I just bough a ton of disks for nothing

I know that the volume have to be traditional, no compression, only DOS name
But another question is how many directories should each volume have? 128?
512? 1024?

Thanks in advance, TA.