I know this question has been asked before, but I don't recall any clean
answers. May belong in the admin group; if so, apologies.

Apparently, <someone> (pre-dating me) decided that since EmployeeA had
<some> problem with their Groupwise <presumed mailbox>, they would take
the current mailbox and call it EmployeeAOld and then create a new
EmployeeA Groupwise account. They took "Old" off distribution lists, as
far as I can tell, and then set up EmployeeA to be able to proxy to the
EmployeeAOld mailbox.

I don't need to be told the complete stupidity of this. I suspect they
didn't even attempt a mailbox repair or <whatever> (depending on the

I just want to get rid of EmployeeAOld, but move the email to
EmployeeA's regular mailbox, or else move it to EmployeeA's archives at
least so it could be moved to his mailbox.

I know there is some (convoluted?) way to move everything to archive &
then change the name on the archive & so forth, then have EmployeeA open
it & move it into his mailbox.

Is there an easier way? I don't think I want to try forwarding to the
new mailbox as that would lose all the records of what was Sent vs.
Received, dates, etc.

If my only option is the archive play, would someone please remind me
what the process is for changing the owner of the archive? I don't
-think- it is as simple as changing the folder name, but I can't recall
completely, and maybemaybe Groupwise 8 has some easier way to do it.

Thanks for any cogent suggestions.

-- DE