Has something changed with the way system requirements are evaluated?

I have recently been having problems where bundles will not deploy, and I couldn't figure it out. Works on most PC's, but not all.

I finally got on a PC and when signed onto that PC as the user, I could see the bundle did not deploy because the system requirement of the bundle for a file to exist failed.

The problem is that the file does exist on that PC and has for 5 months. I assigned this bundle over this last weekend.

If I do a zac ref, reboot, whatever - nothing works.

The bundle is assigned to the workstation, not the user. The file it is checking is in a location that the system and network service accounts have access to (administrators) but not the user itself. They do not even have read rights.

However the evaluation should be occurring through the service, not as the user. This is workstation assigned.

My thought is that something changed in 10.3 where the evaluation occurs as the system account when no one is signed on (thus my machines which worked.) and then when a user signs on the evaluation moves to evaluate under the user account.

Is this true? If this is the case, I can add GPOs to set read ACLs on the various folders I am doing this on. Kinda sucks, but that would be a fix. I'd really like to know for sure before doing this though.