I am having an issue with proxy performance after moving cache volumes off
of an NSS volume and on to a traditional volume. The volumes are 8k block
size with no compression or sub-allocation. I created 2 volumes of 8 gb

What is happening is users will begin to complain about poor internet
performance after about 4 hours. Browsing speed slows way down and many
pages wont display.

If I try to unload proxy.nlm the server hangs and I must power it off.
After the reboot it seems ok for about 4 hours. Another problem seems to
involve certain web sites (MSN is the one that comes to mind). The main
page displays lightning fast, but any links from it display very slowly or
not at all.

I have not done any special tuning to the proxy cache. The values are the
Bordermanager setup defaults. We have about 700 hosts on the network.

When the cache was on the NSS volume I did not have the problem. I moved
it of the NSS volume because of disk space constraints.

I really need some help to figure this one out.