Hey guys,

We assign apps to people based on edirectory group memberships. I've noticed since we upgraded to 10.3 that if we add people to existing groups, they don't get the apps that have a relationship with that group. It seems as if ZCM has cached the group members and is only assigning chached members the apps. If I update the bundle, existing users get the new app, but no new group members do.

I have just made a brand new edirectory group, populated it with users and gave that group a relationship (**** term) with a bundle, but no-one gets it. If I manually assign the edirectory user to the bundle, they get it fine. The weird thing is I can browse the group through ZCM and see all its members just fine, it just doesn't seem to work for assigning users to bundles anymore (except for users who are already in a group)

Our setup is ZCM 10.3, 2 sles 10 and 1 2003 primaries with MS SQL back end.

Our user source seems fine (green status icon)

Is anyone else seeing anything similar.