Server: NW 6.5 SP7 2GB RAM. I have an application on the server that requires MYSQL for the database. In order for Backup Exec to back up the database (always open), I have to tell Backup Exec to stop MYSQL BEFORE the backup job starts and restart it AFTER the backup job completes. Otherwise, the database won't get backed up since I don't have the Open File (or open database) option for Backup Exec.

The daily backups are working fine (database getting backed up), but after a week or so, the server console reports that it is out of alloc memory. When that happens, MYSQL won't start up. This problem began after I stopped MYSQL for the backups, and restarted MYSQL after the backup job completed so that the database would get backed up.

The usual searches have revealed nothing helpful.

Does anyone have an idea about fixing this apparent memory leak?