If have a two Primary Server system, recently patched from 10.2.2 to
10.3.0a (server 1 and 2).

I have now added 2 identical Primary Servers on SLES 11 from the 10.3
installation ISO (MD5 checked etc etc)

On the summary page of Server 3 is says "Update for ZCM (10.3.0.a) -
Update Assigned" under "Assigned System Updates".
But on the summary page of Server 4 it says "Update for ZCM (10.3.0.a)
- Error".

I wasn't aware that it was supposed to update to 10.3.0a?
Now I have 6-7 post patches for 10.3 that needs to go on these two
servers. But now I'm not shure if I wan't to do that with these two
errors. What's up here? Anyone know?

Both servers message section is empty, and they are both green.