We have been testing BorderManager 3.8SP1 with our Terminal Servers, we
have used IE with the Terminal Server Authentication plugin installed
and it bypasses the need to do the copy/paste of the 'number' after you
have logged in through the web page interface. That is perfect.
However ..... our machines are using Mozilla FireFox 0.8 in that setup.

The documentation says the plugin installs for Netscape 6 only so I
installed that version and grabbed the DLL out of the plugins directory
and put in the Firefox plugins directory and it didn't work (I checked
it was visible with an "about:plugins") - I tried to regsvr32 the DLL
but that failed with some DllRegisterServer entry point error so guess
it needs more files or something.

Has anyone got the Terminal Server Authentication plugin working with
Firefox ?? Or does anyone know if it will ever work or any development
is being done to make it work with Firefox?

Many thanks,