Is there an example of a proxy.cfg file that shows what the proper syntax is
for supporting multiple domains for inbound email? I'm not as concerned
about about outbound email, as we are not planning to use BM for routing
outbound mail. Unless of course, if there is a way to use BM 3.8 as a smart
host and direct all outbound email to our ISP's mail servers, then I'd be
very interested.

We have 28 registered domains that we receive email for, and I would like to
make sure that BM 3.8 relays messages destined to any of them into our
Exchange system. The BM 3.8 server is running on Netware 6.5, all
appropriate patches and service packs have been applied. Spam and content
filtering our being handled before the messages make it to the proxy server,
so I have no concerns about tackling those issues on the proxy server. Any
advice or tips on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Bruce Pina
Jefferson-Pilot Communications