I upgraded two of three cluster hosts today using the standard channels. Unfortunately I noticed soon after doing the upgrades that my cluster resources were having network problems. When I migrate a cluster resource to the upgraded hosts, they are not accessible from other networks.

For example, the cluster resource IP is I can ping that resource from any host on the 10.1.105.xxx network all the time. But when I migrate that resource to an upgraded host, I cannot ping that resource from any other network (10.1.32.xxx for example). If I migrate it back to the host with the older version of NCS, it starts responding to pings again fine.

Running "ip addr" on both old and new hosts shows an identical proper network configuration for that secondary address...

inet brd scope global secondary eth0

However, it is acting like it has the wrong netmask or something? If I can ping it from the same network, we know it is getting bound.

Any ideas on this from anybody?

old (working): novell-cluster-services-

thanks in advance