ZCM 10.3 with updated GenericHandler.dll
Windows 7 64 bit

Trying to copy a file from a network drive to the PC.
In my login script, I set the variable %APPSRVR% equal to my
application server.

If I use a UNC path like this:

I get network name not found. But if I type %APPSRVR% at a command
prompt, it does return FS2 like it should

If I use a mapped drive: N:\ZCM\folder\filetocopy.dat

I get could not find the file.

And I am trying to copy to Program Files, but I get:
GenericActions.UnexpectedError{Access to the path 'C:\Program Files
(x86)\folder\filetocopy.dat' is denied.}

So two questions:
1. What is the foolproof method to specify the source of a file when
it is on a network drive?
2. How do I copy the file into the Program Files? I assume this
error is a rights issue, but I thought ZCM would be smart enough to
handle this.