First, the beep: "Get hostname failed for IP address: <x.x.x.x>" Thing
beeps every time it tells me this. A) How do I kill the beep? B) Why
is it reverse lookup-ing (is that a word?) all these IP addresses?

Second: New subnet. Old scenario was everybody on one subnet, NW51
w/BM35 running Proxy. Server has ISP's router set as default gateway.
Desktops (Win98 / XP Pro) have *no default gateway set*. Desktops run
clntrust.exe on startup, and in browser config, proxy address / port are
set on each machine. Yeah, I know, a kludge, but it works. However, on
my desktop (for example), I set ISP router private IP as default
gateway, and do *not* use proxy. If, at any point, I inadvertantly had
both a default gateway and a clntrust/proxy config on a given desktop,
it would take me to a BorderManager error page if I tried to bring up a
site. I have therefore been operating under the (possibly mistaken)
assumption that I can have either a proxy or a defaulty gateway, but not

New scenario will be total of four subnets. Using a layer 3 switch,
life is mostly good (am having an issue getting login, so I can't *test*
what I'm about to *ask*). However, each desktop in new subnet will now
need to specify switch IP as default gateway. Have been able to test
this, mostly: changed a test machine's IP, tried to ping proxy, no luck
(obviously, but I just wanted to *confirm*). Added default gateway, can
now ping proxy. However, that takes me to the incompatibility mentioned
above. Once I resolve the login issue, how am I going to make sure that
all users go to the proxy? It's a school, so I have to audit students'
web access, so they have to hit the proxy and not go straight to the ISP

Any help would be, well, helpful <g>