I知 running gw8.0.1 completely on the back end. In ConsoleOne, when I do view and edit columns from the GroupWise system view, I知 able to add one for Current Mailbox Size in (MB). After doing this I see some giant mailboxes. When totaling this up, it adds up to more that the amount of disk space I have. Where do these numbers come from? They are not accurate.

In the same view I added a Colum for Last Client Login Version. It seems that there is a connection with the users with mailboxes that are giant and the client versions. There are some with no clients listed (could be old or WebAccess) and others with 7.0.2. This may be a coincidence. I ran a gwcheck on one of the users and the number does not match the number in ConsoleOne. Anybody know what is going on here?