I am installing OES2sp2SLES10sp3. This server will be file, iprint, NSM and maybe a GW PO later on. Will be on a vmware guest. Host has 8GB RAM.

After reading the below I am not sure how much RAM to allocate to the virtual machine and if I should even create a swap volume. Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

From the OES Linux installation guide: Swap management is different for Linux Kernal 2.4.10 and later. How much swap depends on the RAM size, the tasks that are planned for the system, and whether you want to make more virtual memory available than the RAM provides.

Some swap is good (at least 128MB) ............. Swap is not required for systems with more than 1GB RAM. You must have at least 1GB of virtual memory (RAM plus swap) during the install, but if the swap is more than 2GB you might not be able to install on some machines.