We started demoing Novell Conferencing with a few users and have found one thing kind of annoying. When we get notifications generated through the system, there is a link called "Add to Calendar". This downloads an ICS file that you can import into GroupWise. It imports mostly as expected (even for reoccurring appointments), but the appointments created always show up as Free.

I don't know if this is a setting in the ICS file or just the way GroupWise imports all ICS files. If it's in the ICS, I'll talk to the Conferencing product team and see if they can incorporate a setting in there. I think a solution that would work better for all would be if GroupWise would have an option on the "Import Calendar" window that would let the user choose how to accept the item. Right now the only thing you can do is specify the ICS file name and the Calendar to which it should be imported.

Does anyone have any insights on this that I might be missing? If not, I'll submit it as a feature request.