I am struggling with a physical machine and trying to add EVMS, and NSS Volumes. This server will be a pre-migration server and replace a NetWare server that is currently in place. I had a bear of time just setting up EVMS in the first place, and though I now have it working I was wondering if there is a way that I can test this out before I actually insert this server into the live tree?

1.) I thought about creating a test tree on the server and then installing NSS and seeing if I would be able to get things working and then remove NDS off the sever (or even rebuild from scratch) a.) How hard is it to remove eDirectory off the server and then how hard would be to reinsert it into the "live" edirectory environment?

2.) Just wish the luck that it will be fine and hope that everything goes well, I hav enot had a great deal of success with these NetWare to OES2 Migrations and I would not really want to have too many more surprises.

3.) Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.