So, at the moment our setup is to clear image safe data and then pxe to get the imaging menu and reimage our machines, the problem with this is unless our techs manually unregister machines, we get alot of duplicate entries. With this method we also never had the zcm agent on the computers it was a post-image install.

So I've been testing the image with the zcm agent installed and I assign the pc work to do in zcm, so it images, then on first boot it runs zac unr, then runs a script to register the device to the appropriate zone after the tech selects it.

What I'm trying to do is automate an unr before imaging or find a way to assign work to do always (pxe isnt the default boot device for any of our machines), I want to take as much of the work as I can out of the hands of the techs so that theres less room for error as right now we have a huge amount of duplicate.

Hope this makes sense, busy week here since win7 deploy happening soon, thanks for any help on this.

(wish there was a way in preboot to unreg, to put it with imaging script would be ideal)