I have had a great deal of trouble trying to set up the Target OES2 server, was having trouble getting connected to the Novell update sources during each step of the process, but I kept moving through the OES installation until I finally was able to reach the process step where I wanted to perform the first copying of data from the Source server to the Target server.

However when I logged into the Source server I was able to see the accept box after I used the admin credentials (cn=admin,o=gsb) and then the password. However I am then presented with the source server authentication failed with the provided credentials. I am not sure what happened when I saw the screen that the certificate was accepted, I logged out, rebooted, and then tried again but still unable to log in using either SSL or 389. Even tried to create a new project but still unable to authenticate to the Source. Please any ideas I am at my wits ends with these Migrations which are not consistent at either working or failing.