We are running NW 6.5, BM 3.8 SP1 and client 4.9 SP2 and clntrust vs 1.5
and Internet Explorer 6 SP1. We have changed our SS0 Timeout to 10 from
the original 30.

Both Windows 2000 SP4 and Windows XP SP1 machines (primarily XP) are
experiencing either lock-ups or 403 Forbidden Errors. Clntrust is being
run from the login script and does appear in the systray when both
instances occur.

When the 403 Forbidden error occurs, explorer.exe does not respond, we are
unable to log off, restart or check the status of clntrust. If on the
rare occurrance we are able to get to the log off menu, clntrust gives an
unable to end program error. The only solution is to restart box manually.

This problem is not happening on all machines. All users are able to
reach the Internet when logging into a 98 machine. Therefore we do not
believe that it has anything to do with access rules.

Any help at all would be appreciated.