I have read the various threads with regards to clntrust and SAV 9.0. I
have experienced clntrust locking up units to the point where the only
way to get functionality back from the desktop is to manually shut it
off. I have tried different versions of clntrust without any success.

I have read the posting in June about removing the antivirus email tools
during an install. I have tested this method and found the only
consistant way for there not to be any conflicts is to uninstall SAV and
then reinstall without the antivirus email tools.

My question is, has there been any update to the situation that anyone
knows about? I now have to come of with a best course of action for the
some of my desktops. By the way, any suggestions for the process are

My environment:

NW6 sp4 servers
BM 3.7 sp3
Novell Client 4.90 sp1a
eDir 8.6.2 sp3

Thanks in advance for any replies and to all who have posted and answered
the postings. It has helped me too.