I'm not sure what happened, but during an update from SLES10sp2 to
SLES10sp3 one of a set of four test servers has got itself even more
broken than rug and zmd seem to be by design :(

"rug ca" shows the catalogue
"rug sl" shows the services
"rug ref" refreshes the list

However, any attempt to apply an update causes rug to crash.

# rug in -t patch slesp3-libtiff
Resolving Dependencies...

The following packages will be installed:
libtiff 3.8.2-5.18.1 (SLES10-SP3-Updates)
libtiff-3.8.2-5.18.1.x86_64[SLES10-SP3-Updates] needed by \

libtiff-32bit 3.8.2-5.18.1 (SLES10-SP3-Updates)
libtiff-32bit-3.8.2-5.18.1.x86_64[SLES10-SP3-Updates] needed by \

slesp3-libtiff 7052-0 (SLES10-SP3-Updates)

Proceed with transaction? (y/N) y


ERROR: Transaction failed: Child exited due to SIGABRT

** ERROR **: file ../../mono/io-layer/handles-private.h: line 160 (_wapi_handle_set_signal_state): assertion failed: (thr_ret == 0)

Native stacktrace:

I've tried:
- stopping and restarting zmd
- stopping zmd, deleting /var/lib/zmd/zmd.db; restarting zmd
- restarting the server
- applying each patch individually, by group (security or recommended)
or all at once

Everything appears to work with the exception of any attempt by rug to
install a patch. Any suggestions? Ditch it and try redhat or debian?

Adrian Tritschler -- Adrian.Tritschler@monash.edu
Monash University, Victoria, Australia, 3800