NOS: NW6.0 SP3
BMgr: v3.8 SP1a

Unless it's shortly after a server reboot, manually unloading PROXY.NLM will send the CPU to 100% & lock up the console screen. Other NLMs won't unload from their respective screens.

I'm using Craig's PROXY.CFG file:
Revision 10, Craig Johnson, July 8, 2003
which contains the following setting:
# Next entry (from BM37Sp2) attempts to fix problems with proxy not unloading

I thought this problem would have been addresses by Novell by this time, but apparently not. I'm having this same problem on 2 separate clients' BM servers (both on the same above platform).

Has a foolproof workaround been discovered yet (remember, I'm the fool :-> )?

Thanks for the assist.