I have a situation which I think is my bordermanagers fault, but I am
not sure how to fix it. My bmgr is Netware 6/sp3, bmgr 3.7/sp2. I use
access rules, filters & proxy. DNS proxy. Our ISP manages our domain
and its records. A third party hosts our website. I can make minor
information changes to the website by logging into their website,
etc..... Recently the third party that hosts the website changed the
ipaddress of our website. I contacted the isp and they made the changes
in the domain records to point to the new ip address. This week I have
also made changes on the website because we have moved the office and I
changed the office address & the directions. These changes do not show
up on the website and the people who host the website say its our isp's
problem cause of the ipaddress change. I checked with the ISP and they
have changed the records and I am wondering if the proxy cache or the
dns entry is bringing up the website at the old address. They said the
old ip address is still working for now. In the proxy console I checked
the DNS cache entry info and our website still has the old ip address in
the dns cache entry. Can I edit the DNS table? How can I change this?
I did schedule a download of the website and it did download it into
cache again, but it has not changed the dns cache entry info.