Good day,

I'm in the proccess of migrating our http proxy from BM 3.7 on NW 6 to BM
3.8 SP2a on a NW 6.5 SP2 box and I'm having trouble with 1 particular site.
If a user goes to and tries to log in they get the
message that " You're unable to sign in because your browser is rejecting
cookies". Now, the funny thing is I'm still running our old proxy so if I
change the proxy setting on the browser to the old proxy it works
fine....change it back and it's broken. I don't believe it's a filter issue
becuase if I unload ipflt the problem remains. I tried IE6 as well as
Firefox with the same results and changeing the cookie settingsin the
browser didn't help either.

Both BM servers have the persisant cookies enables for both browser and
server and "filter cookies" is off. For testing purpose I did turn off
persisant cookies but it didn't change anything. Any ideas?

It might be hard for you guys to test it becuase it fails on the
you'll need a juno account to test with.