I've been dealing with a frustrating problem on a NW 6.5 SP8 server with
zen 7sp1hp4ir4wtf1 the last few weeks. It took a bit to get to the
point of taking a packet trace but I finally got around to doing that.
Symptoms have been zenworks agents puking all over either not going
online, or taking forever to refresh, and other misc login errors. I've
already loaded up a new Netware 6.5 and Zen to take over for it, as I've
hit my frustration level with this box.

Anyway, what's happening is that that I'm seeing the tcp window size
drop to 0 frequently. The server is sending the window size 0 frame.
Perhaps this happens often normally and I'm just overreacting, but it
seems odd to me.

No idea how to begin troubleshooting this. It has the latest hp support
pack/drivers on it. DL360 with broadcomm network card. Just like all
of me other ones.

At this point I'm just curious more than anything else. I've already
resolved myself to dumping this box and I have just about everything
configured on another dl360 already.