I am trying to get things setup to migrate data from our old NW (v6.5 SP8) cluster to our newly setup OES/Linux (v2 SP2) cluster. I have been having all kinds of problems when trying to setup the target and source server, where it tells me eDirectory Authentication failed. I have pretty much tracked it down to the following:

1. connect to target/source server using credentials specified
2. use getSScert to retrieve trusted root cert for LDAP (get's wrong, self-signed cert)
3. use retrieved cert to authenticate to LDAP (fails as LDAP uses signed wildcard ssl cert and not self-signed cert)

I am not sure why it is doing this and cannot see any solution but to change the cert that LDAP is using on each server (source/target) while migrating. However, that won't work as we need other systems to access LDAP that need third-party signed trusted certificate.

Anybody seen this before? or even better, has a solution? :)