Anyone happy with patch mgmt for zcm??? i found it shaky at best? It seems pretty much hit or miss (much like this entire zcm product..great idea, horrible implementation / programing ??) sometimes things work, sometimes they don't, no real reason why or why not..identical machines, same hardware, same software, same os levels..blah blah..what works on one, may not work another..anyway i can go on and on forever here with my issues with zcm in general, but trying to at least get one simple part to work consistantly..and that is patch management. I can't get patches do deploy. The job runs, patches never drop off the list of "needed patches" etc..the same 9 are sitting in there for a pc since the beginning. It seems as though everyone one of my machines have "error" or "warning" messages associated with them. i try to look at the log files, and they seem meaningless to me, so i guess is there anyone out there that is happy with patching and has it working consistently with zcm??? if so i'd love to hear how..really disappointed with this product in general so far. the only thing that really seems to work consistantly is the imaging (granted its not fast like GHOST, but it works at least)