Sorry if this question has been asked before.

We are moving to Active Directory running on Windows Server 2008 with Windows 7 Desktops with ZEN 10.3 agent installed and used for Apps and Printer deployment no DLU or Group policies that will be handled by AD now. ZENworks is installed on SLES 10.

From testing Apps are working fine the problem i am having is with printers. I have installed/created a printer (Konica BizHub C253) on our new Windows Server 2008 Print server, this works fine if i install the printer from the web page on the workstation. I am creating a ZEN printer policy to deploy this to an assigned workstation. I have created the policy with a network printer(http) and inputted the name of my printer with the .printer at the end. I have edited the

zenworks_installdir\novell\zenworks\share\tomcat\w ebapps\zenworks\WEB-INF\conf\printerDriverDetails.conf

file to give the name of my printer in the drop down list as stated in the Novell Documentation. Next i have added a driver from my local PC which is a .inf file in a .zip file also stated in the Novell Documentation. When assigned to Device and then said device refreshed i get an error on the policy stating "The policy "test printer" could not be applied successfully."

Any help on this would be great, really need to deploy printers for certain workstations through ZENworks as we used to in ZEN6.5 with iPrint.

Novell Documentation used Novell Documentation

Thank you.