Yes, I'm still confused by this (and the docs don't really explain it very well either, IMO).

Coming from a ZFD background, I am used to:
and MSI

I understand the "distribute" settings in a ZFD NAL object as well as the "run" stuff.

In ZCM I understand the difference between a Directive, File, Windows package bundle.

In ZCM I understand the assingment scheduling (distribute vs. launch). Distribute plops the stuff from the content repo to the device, and launch "runs" the install (or installs the software in layman's terms).

What I am not sure of is the ACTIONS in a bundle for Install and Launch action sets.

Meaning what's the difference between the two and why/where/when would I use them.

If possible, is there terminology similar to ZFD that can be used to help explain these?

(ie, in ZFD you would use a distribute -> registry key to deploy/change a registry key value on a PC. Each key had sub-items in ZFD where you could "distribute always". In ZCM, you would use a Directive Bundle, with an action set in the Install section, blah blah blah).