There are GroupWise-Resources.
This feature we use a lot in our company. We reserve cars or beamers and of corse rooms (places) to reserve them for our meetings!

And there's a configuration point at the resource at which the administrator can tell that this resource is a place or not...

And the client should use this configuration to fill the field "place" in a meeting with the correct resource - the place - and if this will work sometime correct than no one will meet at the beamers-point or inside of the car, which is true if we believe in GroupWise today!

What will GW do, since years?
GroupWise tell's us to meet with the car ore we come together at the beamers-point! Great!

In fact: Groupwise fills the "Place"-Field with the resource that's the first in the alphabetic order of the included resources and not with the resource which have the "Place"-attribute set!

And for three years we have an SR open for this (10317277934).

And what must our Novell Engineer tell to me last:
"We can't correct this problem because other customers eventually have there "place"-field in the resources not correctly configured. These customers will get problems if we fix this!"


An angry customer