OK, come on, GroupWise has been on Linux since around 2006, right. There
are multiple posts in the GroupWise 7 and GroupWise 8 forums asking for a
simple utility to export a list of all GroupWise addresses on the system.
The only utility that is mentioned in response is GWport32 (a cruddy
Windows application that was released around GroupWise 6 times)!

Can someone point me to a modern tool, that runs on Linux, that I can use
to just export every email address in the system (including nicknames,
external entities and resources)? Nicknames are not visible through LDAP
so I presume such a utility would use SOAP. This is such a common request
and I'd imagine an easy thing to code up that it baffles me that Novell
haven't provided something.

Is there something I can buy that will do this?