We did a fresh install.
We tried SLES 11 + online updates and SLES 11 SP1 + online updates.
The results are the same:

- Restarting the config engine after a reboot is no more necessary
- Syncing contacts is working
- syncing calendar is working (even when using a german windows client)
- email syncing does not work, some emails are getting synced, others not. We can not reproduce, why some are getting synced.
- After half an hour mails do not get synced anymore. Connectors and engines are running.
- Automatic connector startup is working

Its a pity, that with every new build some older features are no longer working, despite the fact, that other features are working well.

We are using iphones 3GS and HTC desire/legend.
GW is 8.02 beta on Linux