Word to the wise: Don't do this with the grand kids running around under

Because of the distraction I don't know what I did to mess this up but
now there is no eDirectory representation of Groupwise. How do I get it

What happened was I copied the 6.5 domain from Netware 6.5 server to NOWS
SBE server and ran the Groupwise install in Simba. The install said it
was successful. However the software directory was empty. There was a
sim link to the domain directory and the reference to the domain and po
were deleted from eDirectory.

Windows ConsoleOne still shows Groupwise domain, po and users but if I
try to open properties on any of them I'm blessed with the message, "...
The eDirectory counterpart of the object does not exist."

What to do. What to do.
Bob Crandell