Trying to do a very quick demo package of MSO 2007 Ultimate, using the
built-in template.

Everything works fine -except- re. the shortcuts for execution. I can
successfully build one app at a time, but the template seems to imply
that I could build the whole suite, with each of the separate shortcuts
for each program, at one time and as a single package.

Am I mis-reading? When I try to do that (build all the apps instead of
a single one) all the apps start at once; I don't seem to have an
option to build separate startup shortcuts for each program. And if I
build one program at a time, each of those programs prompts for
activation the first time it's run on a given machine, instead of the
entire suite activating once on each machine.

Remember, this is using the template, because I wanted to do a fast
demo/example of a complex program. So I haven't tried to manually use
the MSI or build a custom install with the office deployment tool & then
virtualize via the MSI+MSP. I'm just trying to use the template to do a
plain vanilla install of the whole suite using the template, which
presumably uses the default MSI from the original CD.

I'm sure there's something I'm missing in this, as the demo's seem to
show that I could virtualize the whole suite at once and have -separate-
startup shorcuts, but .... what's the quirk to do this, what do I need
to change from the provided template? Or is it not actually possible?

Using Version 8 of the studio right now, which I think is the latest


-- DE